Thought about hosting your fundraising auction on a weeknight?

Host your fundraising auction on a weeknight | Sarah Knox Benefit Auctions

What’s the big deal about Saturdays? Have you ever thought about hosting your event on a different night of the week? Fridays? Even Thursday (GASP!)? Why not? 

Some of the events that I have seen bring in the most money have been on weeknights! Why? Because people are available to attend. As a professional fundraising auctioneer, there are 24 Saturdays in my fundraising season (February, March, April, May, September, October, & November), but there are hundreds of organization vying for donors to attend their events on these nights. That’s just the fundraising events they have to choose between! Let’s not even get started with weddings and other personal engagements they have on their calendar. Unless your event is their #1 priority, there is a chance they’ll choose to decline.

Fridays are less popular nights to have fundraising events so more people are able to attend. Thursdays are perfect for organizations who are concerned about bringing in revenue, because with enough advance notice, the majority of your invites will be able to attend. In coming posts, I will address the feel and flow of your event for the different nights of the week.