Working with your fundraising auctioneer should be easy

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Schedule a call to save your event date and get to know each other

What you can expect on your first call:

  • 30 minutes
  • Reserve your event date
  • Share about your organization's goals, mission, culture, people and anything not found on your website
  • Discuss your event: history, revenue, demographic, goals, successes, areas of improvement, etc.
  • Answer any questions you have for me.
  • Schedule your strategy meeting


To learn more about my style and crowd interaction, I welcome you to view my videos prior to our call:

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Create a custom strategy

Meet to create a custom strategy for your Auction and Appeal

What you can expect to cover in your pre-event consulting and strategy meeting:

  • Selecting live auction items your guests will bid on (and how to acquire them without spending money)
  • Designing a live auction that builds momentum and raises more money
  • Creating item experiences that directly reflect your organization
  • Structuring your program to set your fundraising appeal up for success.
  • Developing an appeal that will make your guests excited to give
  • Utilizing storytelling as a way to connect your donors to your mission
  • Determining how to use video and professional sound to ensure an attentive audience.
  • Integrating mobile bidding technology into your program and appeal to maximize results (optional)
  • Securing Momentum Donors for the fundraising appeal
  • Other topics based on what you want to try at your event


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Raise more money

I will conduct your live auction and fundraising appeal

What you can expect from me on the day of your event:

  • Arrive on time (which is mutually agreed upon prior to the event, but is usually when your guests start arriving)
  • Train your volunteer bid spotters and recorders to capture all donations
  • Remain onsite and accessible for questions and last minute consulting during the event
  • Conduct an energetic and entertaining live auction that creates an atmosphere of competitive bidding
  • Bidders will not feel bullied or shamed into bidding or giving, protecting your relationship with high-level donors
  • Utilize any mobile bidding technology in a way that will best engage your audience
  • Engage your guests in an inspiring fundraising appeal using language your guests will respond to generously.